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WA Development is an owner and developer of six multifamily communities in Houston, Texas and one high-rise community in Stamford Connecticut.  WA Development continues to build sustainable, stylish, and comfortable multifamily properties.


Warehouse Associates currently owns and manages seventeen industrial warehouse & office/service center properties in strategic locations in the Houston, Texas area.

Multifamily & Office Warehouse Solutions

About Our Company

​Warehouse Associates/WA Development is a long-respected real estate investment and development firm, which has been serving the Houston area for over 36 years. WA is actively involved in industrial real estate management and ownership and in multi-family property development and ownership.

Operating in the Houston commercial real estate market since 1986, we have developed 3 specialized business parks, and we expanded into multi-family properties in 2009. We own 5 multi-family properties with a total of 2,615 units: 4 of these in Houston, 2 of which we developed, and 1 that is currently under development, and a 22-story Highrise in Stamford, Connecticut.

We hold industrial properties in strategic areas throughout Houston, owning and operating over 2.2 million rentable square feet throughout the city.

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